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Reverse glass painting has long been practiced in the orient and its greatest popularity in América was during the early 1800s. This special type of art form reverse glass painting requieres the artist to paint the design on one side of the glass while it will be viewed form the other.This is a collection called " En Reversa" In my work I see rich textured soil, clear blue water, spacious open sky and soft breeze, Enjoy color , contrast and complication.When ACRYLIC meets glass, the two marry in a way that doesn't happen using other mediums.Provividing the viewer with the sensation that the work continues to move.

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tré bon travail bonne contuniation

05 mars 15
Violette Braga

Superbe comme l'est votre galerie,,,,j'adore !

27 nov. 14
Daniel Kwbbáz

Intensidad en el color,con movimiento mágico,una expresión desbordante.Felicitaciones

13 juin 14