A propos de Prankearts

I am a 3rd generation artist, born in Duvernay, Laval, Quebec in 1958.

My grandfather, Richard Wenzel Pranke was an art professor in Slovakia, and my father,a well known Quebec artist Walter W. Pranke, were my first motivators that inspired me at a very early age.

I paint daily and most of my canvas start on a black gesso. I call it pulling the light out of darkness. Visit my official web site to see our history and new works and past sold works.

Derniers commentaires


de belles peintures d ou emerge un amour de la nature ,je reve d aller voir votre beau pays

08 sept. 14

très beau tableau ;on y rentre

19 juin 14

j'aime beaucoup ; c'est plein de fraîcheur;

19 juin 14