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I wrote an e-book titled "My nana's favorite" in Oct 2012 through booktango.com . In April 2013 I decided to start my own company called "The Blue Bee," to sell my paintings. Incidentally, I came up with the name of my business by taking the interpretation of my Hebrew name and combining it with my favorite color blue. And in actuality, there does happen to be such a thing as a blue bee- which is considered the most docile of the bee species. My English name is Daniela Ellis. I live in Central OR (USA) with my youngest child Nate on an acre of land along with our menagerie of pets. In my 44 years on earth I have worked in a battered women's shelter, a drug rehab, a county jail, and completed many hours of training as a victim's advocate as well as other training's. But I would say, that the job I found most rewarding was/is being a mother. In the very near future my eldest child Isabella will be adding the title of nana to my credentials (G-d willing). And I look forward to gaining that title with great relish. Although the beginning of my life I would not describe as exactly happy, I think that I have found the most joy and contentment in the last 15 years. However, lately I am starting to feel a little bit restless unable to pin the exact source. I guess I am just starting to feel a yearning for an adventure. Nothing dangerous, and certainly nothing that would change my basic set of values but still..... Anyway, I have only been painting for a only few months but I am learning how to be better all the time. Since joining upsideart, I have had many occasion to peruse most of the art created by the other artists listed on its site, and I have to say with no small amount of envy, that with out fail I find everyone's art simply exquisite. I think I maybe I enjoy looking at other people's creations as much as creating my own. There are some artists that I would consider my most favorite, not just because of the quality of their art but also, because they seem to be the most friendly and encouraging . Which I appreciate very much because next to their masterpieces my attempts to create something unique and beautiful is well, lets just say a little feeble. However, I still enjoy creating art and I am evolving all the time (as we all are). So as a result, I can see my creative pursuits enduring indefinitely (barring anything major putting a k abash on my aspirations). Anyway, that is all I am going to say. My thanks to anyone patient enough to actually read this.

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